Frequently asked questions about Voltage Optimisation

What are the expected savings when installing voltage optimisation?

The expected savings which can be achieved vary from company to company, and across industries.  They depend on identifying number of factors, including the incoming voltage, the voltage dependent equipment and critical loads. A site survey carried out by our electrical engineer, gathers all the necessary information and the potential energy savings are then calculated.

What do you measure during a site survey?

The voltage levels at all incoming supply points are logged to find the minimum and maximum voltages and the variations over time.

How long does the voltage monitoring take?

The logger(s) will be left in place for a minimum of a week.  The period should be representative of the typical usage on the sites in order not to bias the findings.  Where there are different operational demands, it may be necessary to extend this monitoring.

When voltage optimisation might not be the right solution

What are critical loads?

We understand the importance of uncompromised supply to any safety and business critical equipment.  Critical loads include IT equipment, process, operational and medical equipment.  Our voltage optimisation site surveyor will check the operating conditions required by the manufacturer to critical equipment.

In what circumstances does voltage optimisation contribute the most savings?

Voltage optimisation results in energy savings where the equipment is voltage dependent.  For example, uncontrolled motors, incandescent lamps, switch start fluorescent lighting and many other high energy consuming equipment.

Does voltage optimisation need to be installed across the whole site?

There are circumstances where our equipment will be best placed downstream of the electrical incomer.

What are the different types of voltage optimisation?

Our T-series is provides a constant fixed ratio reduction; for example, a 10% reduction.  Our R-series provides a constant voltage via its unique regulator technology.  Selecting the correct type will be determined on a site-by-site basis following our technical and financial investigations.

Are there other benefits from installing voltage optimisation?

Apart from the energy saving benefits, and therefore the reductions in costs, managing your voltage may improve the quality of the power.  Voltage optimisation may improve issues such as harmonics, power factor, phase imbalance and transients.

Does the equipment require special housing?

Under normal circumstances our equipment will be housed in a suitable, safe position where the cabling can be efficiently installed within your existing buildings. If required, subject to the usual regulations, we can build additional space to house the equipment.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Typically, voltage optimisation equipment does not require maintenance although we would advise the usual regular checks on the location the equipment is situated, as part of ongoing health and safety and buildings maintenance.