The Benefits of Voltage Optimisation

The business case for voltage optimisation

With the ever-increasing price of electricity on the one hand, and Government pressure such as taxation on greenhouse gas emissions and the obligation to report on these emissions on the other, businesses are looking for solutions that provide a real return on investment.

Voltage optimisation provides benefits which meet these challenges.  These interrelated benefits are:

  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reductions in CO2 emissions
  • Protection of valuable electrical equipment
  • Meeting the Carbon Reduction Commitment guidelines (CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme)
  • Reducing Carbon Climate Change Levy
  • Managing the impact of the Carbon Floor Price
  • Supporting corporate sustainability and social responsibility policies
  • Meeting the demands from stakeholders for the introduction of ‘green’ initiatives
  • Increased profitability (source: Carbon Disclosure Project)



Carbon Management Services – A5 summary