Temperature Controlled Storage

Helping the Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution industry to cut energy – Consumption, Cost and Carbon

CMS is one of the UK’s leading energy reduction technology specialists – we help companies to cut their energy consumption, cost and carbon.

The TCS&D industry is one of the largest consumers of energy by business category in the UK and many members have higher electricity bills than payroll costs, so with downward pressure on wage inflation and upward pressure on energy and carbon – this can seriously affect your bottom line.

Whilst energy cost is a major consideration, CO2 emissions are significant too – environmental policies of your major customers require a commitment to ongoing reductions in carbon emissions – we can help you to achieve this too – at no extra cost.

AG Thames – Chingford Fruit

Dave Slaughter, Operations Director at Chingford Fruit Limited gives credit to those who helped Chingford Fruit Limited win the TCS&D 2015 Environmental and Sustainability Award

Closing remarks, Q&A and comments by FSDF CEO, Chris Sturman on why Chingford Fruit Limited won the TCS&D 2015 Environmental and Sustainability Award

Want to reduce your energy consumption?

We’ve installed our technology at respected companies such as International Procurement & Logistics (IPL) and AG Thames/Solstor, helping them to reduce energy consumption at their chilled operations.

Not only does our technology reduce energy consumption but it also helps to protect your electrical infrastructure too, an added benefit in keeping down maintenance costs.

At CMS we also understand that budgets are stretched and capital is often allocated to frontline operations as a priority, so, with this in mind we have developed a business model whereby the installation and technology can be funded out of the energy savings on an ongoing basis – in doing so it generates cash to the business.

So, if you are concerned about the impact of energy costs on your business, want to reduce it and need help to drive down your carbon emissions – why not get in contact with CMS today?