How one hospital we worked with reduced its energy usage by up to 17%

August 25, 2015

in energy efficiency

One of our many success stories when reducing the energy costs and CO2 output of a client involved the Peasley Cross Hospital which is a part of the Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, a specialist mental health and learning disabilities unit catering for both the needs of in-patients and outpatients alike. Peasley Cross Hospital is a relatively small site with a maximum day demand of approximately 110kW falling to approximately 60kW at night.

With the facility being a 24 hour operation the energy required to sustain the hospital is huge and with rising energy costs the need to reduce energy usage was of great importance.  The annual consumption at Peasley Cross Hospital was 499,968kWh at an annual cost of approximately £36,074. The implementation of  an effective and tailored Voltage Optimisation strategy utilising the Watford Powersaver has now reduced this to 414,973kWh a saving of 84,995kWh, a consequential reduction in emissions of 46,237kg of CO² (45.5t CO²) calculated at 0.544kg CO²/kWh. The cost savings of £6,133 pa will give a return on investment within less than just 36 months.

After we had implemented an effective Voltage Optimisation strategy their energy usage dropped by a whopping 17%. Obviously a bi-product of this was a greatly reduced energy bill at the end of the year. With the facility being a health related organisation it was very important that it was seen to be being proactive in reducing carbon emissions. Being able to also reduce the facilities energy costs is an added bonus. To read the full story, follow the link:

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