First Choice Holiday – energy efficiency case study

First Choice Holidays energy efficiency strategyFirst Choice Holidays is owned by TUI Travel PLC, listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company operates in 180 countries serving 30 million customers each year. As a company, First Choice is committed to operational excellence, brand reputation and energy efficiency. As such, in 2011 First Choice set themselves 20 stringent environmental commitments to be achieved by 2014. First & foremost was a commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of ground-based operations by 3,000 tonnes of CO2. Third on the list was the target of reducing annual carbon emissions from shops by 15% within three years – that is equivalent to taking around 800 cars off the road for a year. In order to meet these targets First Choice sought to optimise the supply voltage to their largest retail operations; out-of-town superstores. Only the heaviest consuming sites were considered for the first phase in a roll-out scheme and Carbon Management Services was successful against other bidders. Superstores nationwide from Basildon to East Kilbride and 18 in-between were fitted with 200A voltage optimisers to reduce site voltage towards 220V. Collectively this will deliver a 350 TCO₂ reduction in annual emis-sions whilst also generating in the region of £75,000 savings per an-numvia reduced KWh consumption. Since installation throughout 2012, First Choice’s own sophisticated Schneider Electric metering system has recorded some sites achieving an immediate reduction in energy consumption of 20%. First Choice installs voltage optimisationJane Ashton, Director of Group Sustainable Development at First Choices Holidays: “Driving sustainability supports the long term success of our tourism business”