Carbon Management Services – Installation

Efficient installation by experts ensures your electricity demands are unaffected

Voltage optimisation installation

Ensuring the smooth installation of the enviro-Volt voltage optimisation units is our primary objective.  Our project manager will have carried out a full site survey, health and safety appraisal and risk assessment prior to the installation.

The project manager oversees the preparation of the site, the ordering and delivery of equipment and the team of qualified electrical engineers.

The installation team are able to handle even the most challenging sites with difficult access. Where necessary we will use lifting equipment or cranes to reach inaccessible sites.  If required, we will construct special housings with safe, secure access and level plinths.

Power down is the most crucial part of the installation process and will be carried out to minimise any disruption to essential equipment.  Our engineers ensure that alternative sources of power are provided, set up and tested well in advance of the installation.  Carbon Management Services keeps in close touch following installation, giving clients complete piece of mind.



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