The enviro-Volt R Series

The enviro-Volt R Series is the next generation of 3 Phase voltage regulation/optimisation units which builds upon more than 60 years of UK manufacturing excellence of the Powersaver PSR range.

The R Series not only optimises but also regulates your site’s voltage to a pre-determined level, coupled with unrivalled reliability and energy security, the R Series can deliver up to 29% reduction in your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The R series has significant advantages over traditional VO units by automatically and independently regulating each phase to within 0.1V of a pre-set level—ensuring your site’s voltage is always maintained at the optimum level.

Not only will the R Series enable you to significantly reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions over and above that of standard VO units, you will also benefit from reduced maintenance and Maximum Demand charges, and if your organisation comes under CRC legislation, you’ll reduce your liability even further.

Download the enviro-Volt R Series Technical Specifications here