Carbon Management Services – Site Survey

Electricity usage varies widely depending on a variety of factors


Energy monitoring provides data for estimating potential savings

In order to provide you with a cost-benefit analysis, monitoring equipment is installed.  This equipment monitors energy usage over a relevant period of time depending upon the different equipment using the supply.  This gives Carbon Management Services a complete picture of the peaks and troughs in the demand for electricity.  Only after a comprehensive analysis of the data can an estimate of the potential savings be calculated.


Site survey ensures installation of equipment is well planned

Surveying each site ensures that Carbon Management Services provides you with a complete breakdown of the costs of installation as well as ensuring the optimum equipment is recommended.

The site survey provides thorough information about the full range of equipment, maximum demand levels, currents and voltages as well as a whole raft of data which is analysed to establish the best possible solution.

We confirm that the physical location of the voltage optimisation units complies with your buildings’ policies and meets all the necessary health and safety standards.

Our surveyor will meet your facilities management team to go through the installation process in detail.  We aim to minimise installation costs and disruption to essential activities.  A risk assessment of the site is undertaken.



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