Carbon Management Services – Consultation

Our energy audit ensures we provide you with the best solution for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Carbon Management Services receives enquiries for voltage optimisation from a wide range of companies and organisations in many different industry sectors, both public and private.  The common thread is their high expenditure and dependency on electricity.  Our approach to all new enquiries is consultative and based on detailed research.  The first stage is to undertake an energy audit which gives us a full understanding of the company’s energy usage, their sustainability strategy and energy policy.

The consultation phase includes an analysis of the organisation’s energy consumption across the various sites for which voltage optimisation is being considered.  Different solutions may be presented for office, commercial and industrial sites.  We also audit the energy requirements of the different equipment being used on each site, from plant and machinery through to office equipment and lighting.

Armed with this technical information and an overview of the company’s energy and sustainability strategy, we meet with the relevant decision makers to carry out a full site survey.   This includes installation of energy monitoring equipment which provides Carbon Management Services with a complete picture of the various sites’ electricity usage over and period of weeks and the fluctuations throughout the day and from day to day.

Lower energy costs and CO2 emissions – the business case for voltage optimisation

“In 2011, the largest consuming industrial sub-sector was the chemicals sector which was responsible for 4,401 thousand tonnes of oil equivalent (16 per cent of total industrial energy consumption). The food, drink and tobacco sector and the mineral products sector were the next largest, consuming 3,197 (12 per cent) and 2,828 (10 per cent) thousand tonnes of oil equivalent respectively.” Source: Department of Energy and Climate Change.


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