West Midlands Police – energy efficiency case study

West Midlands Police Authority awards major Voltage Optimisation and Stabilisation Contract

\r\nThe West MidlandWest Midlands Police introduce Voltage Optimisations Police Authority (WMPA) is the largest police force in the UK outside of the Met, with an annual budget of over £550 million.\r\n\r\nIt is well publicised that all UK Police Authorities are under significant pressure to reduce costs and, from a Central Government environmental policy position—to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption too.\r\n\r\nTo this end, in November 2011, WMPA agreed to fund priority based budgeting for a number of initiatives, Voltage Optimisation was at the top of that list. To ensure independent evaluation, WMPA chose to engage the services of an experienced Energy Consultant to assess the potential savings and to define the technical brief.\r\n\r\nCarbon Management Services along with 7 other vendors were invited to bid for the contract and an evaluation of all our solutions, technology, customer references and investment returns were scrutinised.\r\n\r\nNot only did the project present a challenging technical brief but also had to provide active Voltage Optimisation and Stabilisation, maintaining the output at a constant 220V or lower, with each phase being independently monitored and controlled whilst maintaining very strict tolerances and a failsafe design.\r\n\r\nAfter a final presentation at WMPA head quarters and a Q&A session, Carbon Management Services signed contracts in October 2012, with the agreement to install and maintain a range of Voltage Optimisation units and by-pass switches at their 8 largest operational sites, with a target date to complete the project by the end of February 2013.