Peasley Cross Hospital – energy efficiency case study

Peasley Cross Hospital

Peasley Cross Hospital is a part of the Five Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, a specialist mental health and learning disabilities unit catering for both the needs of in-patients and outpatients alike. Peasley Cross Hospital is a relatively small site with a maximum day demand of approximately 110kW falling to approximately 60kW at night. The site voltages fluctuate from a phase to neutral voltages of 239V during the working day, peaking at 252V during the night. The averaged savings are overall approximately 17% The annual consumption at Peasley Cross Hospital was 499,968kWh at an annual cost of approximately £36,074. The implementation of Voltage Optimisation utilising the Watford Powersaver has now reduced this to 414,973kWh a saving of 84,995kWh, a consequential reduction in emissions of 46,237kg of CO² (45.5t CO²) calculated at 0.544kg CO²/kWh. The cost savings of £6,133 pa will give a return on investment within less than 36 months.