Voltage Optimisation Services

Simply put, by installing an Envirovolt Voltage Optimisation unit, organisations are able to reduce their electricity consumption by up to 18%.

In doing so, electricity costs and associated CO2 emissions are reduced by the same amount.

Press the play button and use the arrow buttons to travel back and forwards across our ‘Carbonville’ presentation to see the carbon and energy savings already created by Carbon Management Services:With Voltage Optimisation, your business will also benefit from:

  • Increased capacity against your Maximum Demand
  • Reduced electrical maintenance costs
  • Extended life of electrical components
  • Protection from power surges and transient currents
  • Improved Power Factor
    • Climate Change Levy (CCL)Reduced contributions of the three main “green” taxes:
    • Carbon Reduction Committment (CRC)
    • Carbon Floor Price (CFP)
    • Increased profitability (source: Carbon Disclosure Project)

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